About Us


New Venture Accelerator Dubai has been started by Manoj to encourage startups in Dubai, UAE.

The economy of Dubai has been buffeted by a few global trends.

  1. Physical and economic value chains in a ‘flat world,’ the mainstay of Dubai as a logistics, retail, tourism, and hospitality hub, are compressed.
  2. Information arbitrage, based on which a price arbitrage premium was the mainstay of corporate profits, are under intense margin pressure.
  3. Consumers worldwide can access brands and products sitting in their armchairs.
  4. Dubai has become a mature economy. It has ceased to be a frontier economy.

Trying to reinvent the existing economic pillars, primarily driven by entrepreneurs of yore, will require them to change their mindsets and mental models. This is a task. It is a lot easier to complement the pillars of Dubai’s economy with a new vertical, entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship, domestic and imported, can possibly be a driver of growth.

Without waiting for the policy imperatives to evolve, Accelerator is a New Venture Acceleration program that offers new startups and existing overseas startups wanting to come to Dubai an opportunity to engage in ‘customer discovery – how well the product fits the market’ and ‘market validation – the economics of the potential business.’The New Venture Accelerator program is created and managed by Dr. Manoj Nakra.

It is also the objective of New Venture Accelerator Dubai to operate and manage a new venture competition to populate and enable the pipeline of new ventures from around the world.

Accelerator team